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Eddie Stobart truck to get the complete list of names? Biglorryblog gives the answer through gritted teeth...!

  • 04 October 2008
  • By Biglorryblog


As a professional blogger I am often asked: " Biglorryblog---can you please send me the full list of names of Eddie Stobart truck?" And I tell those people I DON'T HAVE THE FLIPPING LIST SO STOP ASKING ME FOR IT!!!! However,thanks to Robbo I can tell you how to get it. And all you have to do is click through here...


Meanwhile, here are two pictures of the new MAN TGX that recently joined the Stobbie's called Lynda Dawn. OK?

He tells me: "The best way is for all your 'Eddie Stobart Truck Name' fans to contact the fan club. Membership is £15 per year.That way you get all of the info.

  • They do have a list of all of the names on each of their 1500+ Trucks. You can contact them at: Eddie Stobart Promotions Ltd, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Carlisle.CA3 OEH.
  • Or e-mail them at-


(Mind you Robbo says: "I would not like to name any daughter of mine after some of their trucks, she might grow up, and hate me for it!") Good point well made. So hopefully now you'll stop asking me?