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Labatt's Streamliner. Only the most ancient aerodynamic artics on Biglorryblog thanks to Road Rat!

  • 21 November 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

Biglorryblog is indebted to Road Rat for answering the call for pictures of the wonderful Labatt's Streamliner. And before I get another (no doubt justified) rollocking from across the water it's a CANADIAN brewery! Old RR says: "Hi Brian, photo taken when it was over here at the Wheels '88 truck show in Ellesmere Port. This version was a 4cyl petrol engine. The cab was completely coach built out of wood." What can anyone else tell me about it?

Meanwhile, for some more Eddie Stobart Trivia and exclusive photos check out

Finally, Road Rat says: "P.S: Can you ask Nick Garlick to contact me please?" So Nick, just for you, here is RR's e-mail address:

Now click through here for another superb link to Labatt's website and information on the legendary Streamliner...