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A rare 'Mack' in 'Wellington', it's enough to make an anorak wet

  • 17 October 2008
  • By ShiersW



Look what Vic Hungerford spotted in Wellington on Tuesday night while waiting to board the inter-island ferry. 'The photo quality is bad as I only had my cellphone camera,' explains Vic. 'The sunset was reflecting everywhere and I couldn't move the truck to get rid of the lamp post, but I had to take the photos!'
In case you don't know exactly what you are looking at - this is the one and only Mack 1000 (as shown by the 'Mack 1000' sign on the bonnet. Vic explains that the '1000' designation relates to the fact that this was the 1000th Mack to be built in New Zealand (rather than 1000hp). He says it's a 1987 500bhp V8 Superliner R722RS, which apparently started its life doing logging. It is now used on transporter/heavy haulage work and is thought to have only done about 1.4 million kms.
'It has been kept as it was when new, painted black with the original upholstery in the cab. It is a real credit to its owners, particularly as it not a show truck but a normal everyday working truck,' says Vic.