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Bonneted beauties at the old Brussels and Paris truck shows...Biglorryblog has a black & white nostalgia moment!

  • 12 November 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


Now here's a real treat for your lovers of old-time European truck this case the Brussels and Paris exhibitions from the '50s and possibly even ' it's an afternoon pie quiz on Biglorryblog for lovers of bonneted bruisers....get cracking lads!


And this should please lovers of Willemes...but what was the model and whar was under the hood?


It's a Unic..but what model?


Autocar for Martin Phippard...


And as ever I have David Riley at Chris Hodge Trucks who pain-stakingly saved all the old Commercial Motor images into digital form to create the CM/CHT photo gallery which you can find at


And this bonneted bruiser with large air trunking is a what exactly?