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Classic Spanish Pegaso trucks..where else would you find them but on Biglorryblog?

  • 07 November 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

"Morning Brian!" says 'Keeper of the Flame' Martin Phippard in that jolly jaunty way we've all come to love. And why shouldn't he be happy? He tells me: "Yes, it's one of my days off now I am officially a part-timer! Some photos are just SO evocative of a certain place and time that it almost makes your heart bleed! The above photo of a Pegaso from 1960s Spain is JUST such an image. Be still my beating heart!"

Martin adds: "If anyone likes older Spanish kit (and you would have to be a heartless beast NOT to!) then take a peek at Of course having found this wonderous place I can't imagine I will get much work done today. But then, I have just remembered, I am retired! Well partly anyway. Hasta luega! Martin."

And a Pasts Lasana to you too Martin--now click through here for one more Spanish flyer....

And in conclusion he says: "Sorry! I just couldn't resist the third picture of the Chinese Six!" Glad you didn't MP!