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Classic Tate & Lyle Foden tankers on Biglorryblog...Peter Davies offers the anorak army a 'sweetener'!

  • 11 January 2011
  • By Biglorryblog


"BLB's Polish blogger Andrzej is obviously a man of good taste" says Peter Davies..."As he likes Tate & Lyle Fodens. These just happen to be my all time favourites - long since passed into history of course. Just to revive some memories here are a couple of these beautifully proportioned vehicles. One is an S18 cabbed Liverpool-based vehicle photographed in Queens Drive, Liverpool in July 1967, the other a London-based S20 pictured at the top of Silvertown Way in September 1970. Both are blower discharge granulated sugar tankers."

Peter continues: "Now for the boring bit - Did you know that T&L's first choice for their new 14 ton tankers in 1950 was AEC and they tried 6 out, running as drawbwar outfits at 32 tons gross with 20 ton payload but they switched to solo Gardner-engined Fodens mainly because the AECs (fleet nos 200 to 205) had softer springs that resulted in them leaning out of vertical whilst being loaded (they were loaded in the tipped position). The Fodens, with their stiffer underslung springs were less prone to leaning, reducing the risk of spillage. The excellent livery on T&L tankers was created by the London based DRU (Design Research Unit) who were noted for their excellent work especially during the 1950s. They also came up with the British Rail logo and signage for Watney's pubs."
"Andrzej also mentioned EST and their strapline 'You Rock, We Roll' - another excellent creation. Since then we have had Tesco's 'You Shop, We Drop' and Morrison's 'Click Click, Knock Knock'. All good stuff! It so happens I snapped an EST DAF this morning on the M1! 
Regards, Peter D."