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Classic trucks of the '70s and '80s on Biglorryblog starting with the Ford Transcontinental!

  • 03 April 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


More marvellous Transconti moments thanks to Eric taylor who has sent me a whole shed0-load of '70s and '80s classic truck stuff which I will post up slowly but surely so my thanks to Eric....and a blue engine under the hood? Surely Red for a 14-litre Cummins? 


Mk II brochure where the old straight bar grille has been replaced by the black unit (amongst other things) and the smaller Ford oval badge in the middle. Still a fine looking truck which made the most of the Berliet cab...


Earlier version with FORD lettering on the grille. Anyone remember Clipper North 'o' the Border? The logo on the trailer looks a bit like a Pacman!