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Classic trucks on Biglorryblog. Pacific, White and a 'Movin On' Kenworth...,

  • 03 April 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

BobbyIMG_7587.JPG Bob 'Mr Classic' Tuck and venerable contribtuor to Truck & Driver has recently been on his holidays in Florida--and naturally, Bob being Bob, he found time to go and visit a local heavy haulier. You'll see what he got up to in a forthcoming edition in T&D. meanwhile he's sent me this rather nice picture of a smart red and white Pacific heavy hitter and this message: " Hi Brian, had a great couple of days with the US heavy haulers. Am attaching a taster snap of the pushing tractor which would have made a good story on its own." Well it's made a good story on Biglorryblog Bob so that's at least something! I must confess that while I was vaguely aware of Pacific, it wasn't until Dennis Child sent me his pictures of his Pacifics in South Africa that I started to wake up to this fantastic marque. rod8TRUCK%20PHOTOS%20NZ%20MARCH%2008%20013.jpg And talking of venerable marques how about this from Rod Simmonds in New Zealand. Rod describes it as a 'Bizta White" click through here for a classic Kenworth too...

rod081TRUCK%20PHOTOS%20NZ%20MARCH%2008%20015.jpg Where are you now Sonny Pruitt...a nation cries out for you? And for a quick (pre-heated) pie, what was the name of the TV and film actor who played the lead role in Movin' On?