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Classic wartime Tate & Lyle lorry on Biglorryblog thanks to 'T'other Brian'...where's my flat cap?

  • 08 November 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


'T'Other Brian Lomas has sent Biglorryblog this brilliant black & white memory and he says: "Brian, as you know Tate and Lyle were loyal to the Foden marque for many years and here's a photo of a DG Foden obviously during WW2 with its white lining  round the mudguards and masked 'black out' headlights. The driver standing by his charge is Jim Smith. In September of this year he celebrated his 100th birthday!!!. He was interviewed and features in a film called "Boys and Girls from the White Stuff" which is about the closure in the 1980's of Tate and Lyle's Love Lane Plant in " Now click through here for more....


And I seem to recall that the road accident casualty rate during WWIII was signficantly higher than the immediate post and pre-war periods. I suppose that what with black-out regulations providing no street lighting and shrouded headlights producing just a fraction of their proper illumination it was inevitable....anyone else have a take on this?


Meanwhile Brian (Lomas) continues: "Sir Henry Tate the sugar magnate (to whom we owe a debt for his generosity in funding the Tate Gallery) would surely turn in his grave if he knew of another great British Company becoming a victim of globalisation etc. Regards, T'other Brian."