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Dart Trucks...another learned discourse on a legendary brand from 'The Brochure King'! Where does he get it all from wonders Biglorryblog?

  • 22 January 2009
  • By Biglorryblog

1KW Dart.jpg 
Hurrah for the 'Brochure King'! Set him a challenge and by golly you seldom beat him. I asked the BK aka Richard Stanier about Dart trucks (that's one pictured above) and this is what he's come up with: "Eh up Brian" he says in a jaunty manner, "Spurred into action by the wonderful reminiscing about Supertruck, I've dug out a few brochures on the magnificent Dart range of trucks for BiglorryBlog."
Dart 4150.jpg
"First of all is the mighty 4150 model 150-ton 'Coal Hauler'. This one dates from the mid-1970's and was powered by a choice of Caterpillar, Cummins or Detroit engines developing between 900 and 1050hp," Love the bloke in front of it Rich..looks like he's about to play a round of gold with it in those trousers!"
KW Dart.jpg
Next Rich says: "I've also attached a press photo of an earlier two trailer model with an attendant car for scale. This looks like a protoype for the later articulated haulers and is circa the mid/late 1960's I think. At this point they were badged as KW - Darts by virtue of their Paccar ownership." And for a real pie who can tell me what the car is...?
Dart 2085.jpg
"They weren't all artics though" says Rich. "The 2085 above was a rigid Haul Truck for an 85-ton payload, and was unusual in being a six-wheeler. This model was powered by a 12-cylinder Cummins of 800hp or a Detroit V16 of 860hp. The one seen here is from a 1995 brochure, when the range was under the Unit Rig banner." Now click through here for one more....

KW Dart 10S.jpg
Lastly says Rich "I have attached a nice little Model 10S of 10 ton capacity from the early 60's. At this time KW-Dart were produced a wide range of dump trucks up to 70 tons capacity. Hope you like them, Richard." I love them BK--and one day I'll catch you out...!