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Degrees of Separation on BigLorryBlog

  • 26 November 2009
  • By ShiersW


If you've ever taken a look at the superb Hemmings Blog you'll be familiar with a game they play called Degrees of Separation.
The idea is that blog extraordinaire Dan Strohl chooses two utterly different makes of car, and asks people to find a link. The expert who can link the two vehicles in the least number of degrees of separation, wins. It looks like a lot of fun, and I was wondering whether it could work on BigLorryBlog too.
To give you an idea of how it works, let me walk you through an example that recently appeared on Hemmings.
Dan Strohl asked whether anyone out there could link a Jowett to a Ferrari - and incredibly, quite a few people could. Here are some examples:

Andre Roy managed it in 10 degrees:
1.Jowett made parts for Blackburn & General Aircraft Company and was eventually take over by them.
2.Blackburn was absorbed into Hawker Siddeley.
3.Hawker Siddeley merged with others to become British Aerospace.
4.British Aerospace merged various times to become BAE Systems,
5.BAE Systems is a partner in the Eurofighter
6.Another partner in the Eurofighter is Alenia Aeronautica
7.Alenia Aeronautica is the successor to Aeritalia
8.Aeritalia was formed by the merger of Aerfer and Fiat Aviazione
9.Fiat Aviazione was part of the FIAT empire
10.The FIAT empire also now controls Ferrari.

Dave was able to link them in 6 degrees:
1.Well Jowett's factories were bought by International Harvester of all people
2.International Harvester did work with Raymond Loewy
who also designed the Avanti
3.The Avanti used various engines including a Chevrolet V8
4.GM owned Chevrolet
5.GM paid a large sum of money not to buy Fiat
6.Fiat controls Ferrari

And Kit Foster did it in four degrees:
1.Ferrari is under Fiat rule.
2.In the 1980s, Morgan used Fiat twin-cam engines.
3.Earlier, Morgan had used Meadows gearboxes.
4. Jowett used Meadows gearboxes until 1951.


Have you got the idea yet? Well let's play.
For a pie, how many degrees of separation are there between the Kalmar and the Iveco Stralis?