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Farming accidents...just another day down on the farm with Biglorryblog and Rod S.

  • 05 February 2008
  • By Biglorryblog


My favourite Kiwi Rod Simmonds has sent me this selection of pictures to Biglorryblog which only goes to show that there are plenty of 'Well Boss' moments in farming as well as road haulage....the only trouble is, it probably takes a darn sight longer to recover some of these babies than it does a truck...for example how do you get an air bag under this?


And you probably wouldn't want to get too close to this until someone had turned the power off....


The poor unfortunate driver of this tracked monster obviously thought he had a submarine...or was practising his ditching techniques...hope he got out alright!


This bloke either reversed his mega tractor into the tank..or has just driven over it!


Not sure how this hapened..maybe the driver had a sneezing attack. Meanwhile, click through here for a bit more farm machinery mayhem...


Now this one has got me really confused...did he brake too sharply or am I missing something here?


X marks the spot..or Alas poor digger...I knew it well.


This probably explains why in certain countries they use water buffalo to pull farming kit....


And last but not least this picture looks a bit 'grainy' indeed so does the cab. Thanks to Rod and my sincere sympathies go to the drivers of these bits of various farming kit..there but for the grace of God go all of us etc...and I hope that they ended up with nothing more than a slightly bruised ego.