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Forget the Willeme wrecker... It's that mystery jet that Biglorryblog wants identified!

  • 15 July 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


"Hello again," says Martin Phippard, adding, "I Knew I had it somewhere! Herewith the Willeme 5741-CG with the big crane and the 'jet dangling from it' as accurately described by Dave Powell in an earlier comment. And, as he mentioned, the two wheel and tyre assemblies being carried amidships in the Roy larkin photo are installed on the rear axles here, again as Dave described. What's really interesting is that the stamp on the rear of the 'photo' says 'PHOTOGRAPH BY AEC LTD SOUTHALL MIDDLESEX, Buses, coaches, lorries and industrial diesel engines'. Oh, and what make is the jet please? Manufacturer and model name. Thanks, Martin." And BLB will throw in a pie too if you can get this one!