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Fuel saving Renault Optifuel aerodynamic artic project. Biglorryblog will soon have his sticky mitts all over it!

  • 14 March 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


regular Biglorryblog readers may recall me doing a bit on the super slippery Renault Premium Optifuel aerodynamic concept artic that saves up to 15% in terms of fuel economy thanks to a whole shed load of things like its reworked front end, wind-cheating trailer and optimised driveline and tyres. Well on Tuesday I'm goign over to France for the day to get up close and personal with it and maybe even get a go in it on a test stay tuned. Meanwhile click through here for more....


To cut down on wind drag on the Optifuel tractor--now called the 'Optifuel Lab' the French truck maker has dispensed with conventional mirrors and replaced the with rearward looking video cameras--you can see the black mounting arm that carries trhe camera sticking out in this picture to the right of the cab ....anyroadup stay tuned and I'll tell you how it went.