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Norway's largest truck-mounted crane! Where else would you find such a beauty but on Biglorryblog?

  • 14 October 2010
  • By Biglorryblog

Klepp 303.jpg

Call that a crane? Nah mate THIS is a crane! In fact it's Norway's largest crane but, says Sjur Lode of Klepp Spesialtransport, taking about the crane the company has just had mounted on a brand new Volvo FH16-700 8x4 chassis: "It can never be big enough!" My sentiments exactly and read on for the full story. But before you do, credit where credit is due, starting with my old mate Torstein Magelssen market communications manager for Volvo Trucks in Norway for tipping me off to this story. Then there's Leif Tore Saeberg who kindly provided the words and last but not least the fantastic photos from Frode Tellevik from Transport Magasinet---especially this one above, what a great angle!

Klepp 281.jpg

And when driver Stig Aardal operates the crane until it is all stretched-out. At full-length, the expanded metal arm rises 40-meters above the ground---or along the ground like this! I learn that the company, owned by Sjur and Norodd Lode, has recently started to use its new tool, which is confirmed to be the largest crane truck in the country. And the lorry and crane, have a combined total weight of 29 metric tons.

Klepp 277.jpg

"Our equipment can never be big enough. The assignments we're taking on are constantly getting larger and heavier. So this crane would probably be big enough for a week or so!" says general manager Sjur Lode with a grin. More seriously he adds that it was the needs of their customers that made it necessary to upgrade their fleet.


He and his brother literally took the matter in their own hands to create this mechanical marvel. The Volvo and crane came to Norway in May, and during the summer the assembly was completed. "We stripped the whole truck, constructed a new reinforced frame and built it all together again," says Sjur Lode in a casual way, as he sums up the complex engineering process. And he's gives BLB just a few examples of the EFFER 1750 crane's capacity. When the arm is pulled all the way to the far side, it reaches out 32 meters, and can lift 1.65 tons. Closer to the truck, the crane can lift 14 tons 20 meters up.

Klepp 266.jpg

Klepp Spesialtransportare is mainly called upon for to help relocate construction site machinery, transport of big and fabrications and large machinery for the oil industry and workign with the building and construction industry. And their new, home-built crane truck makes all these tasks easier!

And Biglorryblog says thanks once again to Klepp Spesialtransport, Leif Tore Sædberg - Jærbladet and Frode Tellevik in TransportMagasinet...and of course Torstein. What a great story!