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Marks & Spencer ladies underwear. An unlikely story on Biglorryblog involving, Will Shiers, 'Teardrop' trailers...and purple pants.

  • 15 September 2007
  • By Biglorryblog

tear%20drop%201.jpg Now far be it from Biglorryblog to try and attract viewers with a gratuitous picture of a leggy blond in a skimpy bikini waving a pair of purple ladies pants in the air. For heaven's sake, what kind of blogger do you think I am? Naturally I'm much more interested in the rather unusual trailer in the background. And here's a picture of it without the delightful Chloe. (That's her name by the way). tear%20drop%202.JPG Meanwhile, I have young Will Shiers to thank for the news that Don-Bur has launched a revolutionary new aerodynamic semi-trailer called the Teardrop (that's it above) which has the potential to slash fuel bills by 10%. Will broke the following story as a world exclusive late last week and along the way revealed that supermarket giant Marks & Spencer has already conducted secret tests with the Teardrop which show a 10% fuel saving over a regular box trailer, whilst carrying 16% more load. Not a bad "double" at that! Indeed M&S is so impressed it's ordered 140 Teadrops on the strength of the trial. tear%20drop%203.JPG Apparently the M&S Teardrop trailer came about after the trailer maker showed a teardrop-type double-decker prototype at its trailer forum last year. Don-Bur marketing manager Richard Owens says that a representative from M&S was so impressed he wanted to know whether the same principle could be applied to a regular-height trailer. MS%20Driver%20wiping%20down%20side.jpg This triggered several months of research on Don-Bur’s part. "To develop the ultimate aerodynamic shape, we decided to work with the whole vehicle rather than just the trailer," says Owens. The M&S trailers have been developed specifically for use with the Daf CF tractor. According to Owens, if these particular trailers were to be used with a different make of truck, the fuel economy gains would be less impressive, but would still be better than when coupled to a regular trailer. Don-Bur says it's happy to develop further variations of Teardrop to suit other marques. As well as the obvious full-length roof curve, other aerodynamic additions include rounded-off corners, trailer skirts and the closing of the gap between tractor and trailer. These features all help to reduce turbulence and drag. At its highest point, the Teardrop is some 500mm higher than a regular trailer, which Don-Bur agrees could be an issue for hauliers operating in areas with stringent height restrictions. However, it tapers down to regular height at the rear, meaning it will fit into a normal loading bay. The Teardrop, which has been patented by Don-Bur, is going to be "marginally" more expensive than a normal trailer. The same shape can be applied to curtainsiders and drawbar combinations. "We are confident that this will be the next big thing in transport," says Owens. And for those BLB readers wondering what all that's got to do with the delightful Chloe waving a pair of purple knickers in the air I'm reliably informed that each Teardrop is able to carry an extra 10,560 pairs of knickers compared with a regular M&S trailer... (And not alot of people know that). In the meantime, if you'd like to see another picture of Chloe in an altogether more 'different' style of dress read on....

Tear%20drop%204.JPG You were expecting what exactly...? And if you're going to post the comment 'Phwoarrr!!!!' at least spell it right...OK?