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IAA 2008 Hannover Truck Show. So you think you know your classic and vintage German motors? Well prove it says Biglorryblog!

  • 25 September 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

IAA vintage stuff 032.jpg

Wandering around the IAA Show I stumbled across this cornucopia of classic and vintage German trucks from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s...'Himmel, das Blogfodder!' I exclaimed. So if you think you know your trucks have a go at these....virtual Bratwurst for prizes lets kick off with the above smart aero cabover...with all of them I want make, model and anything else you know....

IAA vintage stuff 038.jpg

This was a  VERY obscure brand of delivery van..or at least I'd never heard of it. See how you get on with it!

IAA vintage stuff 034.jpg

 Nice cabover tanker..but who made it? It said on the doors to the Hall 'No photographs'  like I'm going to obey that right? 

IAA vintage stuff 027.jpg

This should be easy.....but how old is it?

IAA vintage stuff 029.jpg

Touch more obscure though funnily enough I featured a more up to date version on BLB quite click through here for more....

IAA vintage stuff 047.jpg

This one is full of 'Eastern' promise...oooh  but I spoil you lot with my free and easy clues..

IAA vintage stuff 026.jpg

But I'm not going to help you on this one....

IAA vintage stuff 030.jpg

Or this if you needed help on it..

IAA vintage stuff 054.jpg

This is probably not going to give you too much trouble.....

IAA vintage stuff 028.jpg

So which of you has got the most sausages...? And there's more to come.


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