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Iranian Amico trucks... It's a new one on me reckons Biglorryblog...

  • 14 May 2009
  • By Biglorryblog

Amico M2642T.jpg

The Brochure King writes: "Hi Brian, hope you had a great time testing that lovely little FM. You know how excited I get about 'new' and previously unknown truck makes? Well my anoraky Czech correspondant, Vladimir Marsik has come up with a little gem today - The Iranian Amico truck range, which I understand was established in 2004. I have attached a photo of their M 2642T model, which is obviously MAN - styled at the front, but has distinctly different doors. Their website ( shows other MAN derived vehicles, and there are some technical details too, but I can't discern the origin of the running gear. The engines are Euro 2, and the 'boxes are 10 speed constant mesh units (so maybe Vic H was an engineering consultant!) I wonder if any of the Anorak Army's other members know more? Cheers, Rich."

So does anyone out there know anything?