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Isuzu Gigamax... Biglorryblog gets heavy with the Japanese brand

  • 05 August 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


Last one for tonight... I thought I'd do something on Isuzu Motor's 'heavies', only the pictures on the Japanses home site aren't easy to get to - unlike these from Isuzu Australia's website which has some decent spec sheets that cover the Gigamax range starting with the mighty EXY510 complete with a 15-litre six-cylinder (in-line or vee? perhaps some of Biglorryblog's beloved aussie anorak army can provide the details) with EGR, auto box (16-speed and high-top sleeper). According to the website Isuzu is Australia's top-selling truck brand since 1989, although I suspect that's more on the rigids than tractors... That said Gigamax certainly looks the business and I wouldn't mind having a go in one. Now click through here for more...


Here's the EXD455, same engine and auto box (but with 12 cogs) and 453hp. Do any of my Aussie readers have any decent shots of Gigamax in operator colours? If so send them in.

Unfortunately, I think it will be some years before we see Gigamax tractors in the UK. Nikki King, ladyboss of Isuzu Trucks (UK) has quite rightly not rushed into heavies (despite the urgings from the UK truck press and I'm one of them!) It's clearly now feeling its way up to 18-tonnes having brought in heavier N-series rigids last year. BLB wishes them well with the project - if Isuzu can deliver to hauliers what it's delivered to recovery operators and small businessness in the UK then it will clearly have achieved the next step in the masterplan.