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Kenworth 'Needle Nose'. That's one hell of a bonnet says Biglorryblog. How low can you go?

  • 24 March 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

Kenworth%20low%20line%201.jpg Now this is one hell of stretched Kenworth. naturally a picture as strange and unique as this could only come from the 'Keeper of the Flame' Martin Phippard who says: "Brian, I thought I would forward this image of a 'needle nose' KW I saw in 1991 somewhere out in the far Western reaches of the U.S, possibly Wyoming." Martin goes on to say: "The 'needle nose' was a 1950s machine and in my opinion was always a class act. This owner-operator has obviously stretched and lowered it (personally I have never understood this obsession with low rides) and added the sleeper box in the process. The net result is certainly distinctive. Looks as though it was leased to the Wayne Floyd Gate Company of Liberty, Kentucky. I hope you may be able to blog it, eventually!" Chris1.JPG Well if it's 'low-boys' you're after then how about this chopped Peterbilt from last year's Mid-America Show--Chris Mullett took the picture. Meanwhile click through to see the needle nose more in 'profile'....

Kenworth%20low%20line%202.jpg But what on earth is under the hood? A very long caterpillar or and old straight-eight Gardner. And while I'm at it can anyone tell BLB what the designation of that Gardner eight was called? Was it 8LXB...8LYT? I seem to recall it was a 15-litre lump too and of limited duration/attraction. Any information (and pictures) would be welcome!