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Renault and Dennis Eagle tie the knot on a new refuse truck called the 'Access'! Biglorryblog has the story...

  • 07 July 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


I have Kevin Scarbel to thank for alerting me to the news that Renault Trucks and Dennis Eagle have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution of a vehicle with a low-entry cab, to be named "Access". Designed for domestic refuse collection applications, it replaces the Renault Puncher, thereby completing the Renault Trucks 'Distribution' range, joining the Premium Distribution and the Renault Midlum. It will be fitted with the DXi 7 Euro-5 engine and will initially be sold in France before being gradually becoming available on other European markets...does that mean the UK too I wonder? Meanwhile, read on for the 'other' scenario!


And this is the Puncher...which is getting the chop as part of the Renault and Dennis deal. Not exactly the prettiest refuse truck but it does make you wonder why it didn't take off more in France and the rest of Europe? Although when it comes to low-entry cabs Dennis Eagle does have a "unique wealth of expertise on the market for vehicles with low-entry cabs" according to the official Renault press release which goes on to say: "Producing around 1,000 units a year, Dennis Eagle is one of the market's pivotal players. It was therefore quite natural for Renault Trucks to join forces with this manufacturer for the distribution of such a vehicle."

The new 'Access' will be manufactured in the UK and initially distributed and sold in France under the Renault Trucks brand and then gradually launched on other markets throughout Europe. Predominantly aimed at the refuse collection market, operators will be able to rely on the Renault Trucks network for all their maintenance and servicing needs. Olivier Jacquier, Director of the Renault Trucks Distribution range tells Biglorryblog: "The choice of Dennis Eagle was determined by our desire to work with acknowledged specialists in vehicles with low-entry cabs and by the quality and reliability of their products. This means we can confidently look forward to sales of around 100 to 150 units a year."  Hmmmm...that sounds a bit modest to me....

Notwithstanding that remark from BLB, Norman Thoday, CEO of Dennis Eagle adds: "It is a partnership that recognizes the quality of Dennis Eagle vehicles and our expertise in the domestic refuse collection industry. It gives us a competitive edge over our rivals." And talking of rivals...what about this?

Volvo LECnew.JPG

Yes the newly-arrived Volvo Low Entry Cab! Funny how the French wanted the Dennis Eagle rather than go for the Warwick-designed LEC. But I suppose the thinking was that the Dennis product was long-proven whereas the LEC has still to make its mark, although BLB understands that it's been well received so far...But considering the opportunities for 'synergy' and component sharing the Volvo LEC must have looked tempting...Either way it's a good bit of news for Dennis Eagle (who if I recall correctly-supplied cabs to MAN for a while). As the great Barry Davies would say: "Interesting...VERY intereresting