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Mercedes builds the 10,000th Econic with an Allison auto too...Biglorryblog reports on his favourite low-entry cab!

  • 22 February 2011
  • By Biglorryblog

Econic Exxon TAG.jpg

It seems that there's no stopping the rise and rise of the low-entry cab Mercedes Econic---whether as a muncipal chassis, fire truck or tractor (with or without CNG) as you can see here above and below....I think it makes a rather attractive urban tractor don't you? .

Simon Loos 161 Econic CNG.jpg

Meanwhile, the purpose of mentioning all this on Biglorryblog is because Mercedes is just built its 10,000th Econic, fitted with an Allison automatic, which has been officially handed over to the AWB municipal waste company of Cologne. AWB now successfully runs 130 Econics with Allison autos in their fleet, and in the next three years they will receive a further 76. Now click through here for more....

10000 EconicÜbergabe.jpg 

 And here we see Herbert Winkelhog, managing director of Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Cologne (AWB) on the right, receiving the keys of the 10,000th Econic from Michael Dietz, head of sales, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. "The commercial vehicle market so far does not offer an alternative to the Econic. The Allison fully automatic transmission and the low entry cab have proven successful in working practice and thus have become a must-have with regard to vehicle procurement," explains Herbert to BLB: "For 10 years the Econic has been a constant in our fleet. We are very pleased that the milestone Econic will be driving through Cologne in the future."

Ally 3000.jpg

At the market launch in 1998, the Econic was presented as a chassis purely for the refuse sector but since 2008 it's also been available as a truck tractor with an environmentally-friendly CNG engine. However, from the get-go Merc exclusively selected Allison autos to ensure the highest level of driving comfort as well as strong reliability and high fuel efficiency. Today, every Econic is built with Allison's 3000 Series (that's it above) while the integral hydraulic retarder is optional.