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Mercedes' Middle Eastern Monster Mover--the Zetros 6x6 gets down to work on Biglorryblog!

  • 04 August 2012
  • By Brian Weatherley

Whilst stumbling across the desert half-crazed with thirst Biglorryblog was suddenly confronted with this 'cool' sight of mighty desert warrior Mercedes-Benz Zetros oilfield trucks in action. OK, truth be told I found them on the  DaimlerMedia image gallery but what great shots...

But what really got my interest was the fact that the 6x6 2733 seen here was being run as a articulated tractor, as it's the first time I've seen it in this application having been usually used to seeing Zetros as a 4x4 or 6x6 rigid.

And for a Saturday pie, where are these dusty dune deliverers based? There's a clue with the registration plate (and don't say I never help you with my quiz!) Also considering it has the 7.2-litre OM926 litre lightweight six-pot producing 326hp and 1300Nm of torque what gross combination weight does it run at--maybe someone knows?

Also, as I'm asking questions, what special preparation, if any, does the Zetros need for desert work..extra fine dust filters, extra cooling...? Or maybe Zetros is 'ready-to-roll' straight from the factory whatever the climate. Does anyone in the anorak army know the answer?