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More on the wonderful Willeme from 'The Brochure King' - Where else but on Biglorryblog?!

  • 13 July 2009
  • By Biglorryblog

Willeme Cab Manufacture.jpg

The Brochure King writes on the Willeme's theme... "Hi Brian, Martin's Willemes have got me wondering some more about this interesting marque! MP asks if anyone knows any more about the cab, and although I can't honestly say 'yes' I can offer this photograph of the cabs being made. The photo is an official AEC one so please excuse the "Master, not to be taken away" stamp, but the caption on the back is pretty interesting (to me at least!) It states 'Assembly of Monarch chassis at Willeme Factory near Paris'. Yes it's the Monarch again. It's also curious to see the Willeme staff working at floor level, and in normal casual clothes. One of the guys is wearing slip-on shoes!" Now click on here for more...

Willeme BMC.jpg

Rich continues: "Now I had believed that Willeme merely used AEC engines in some models, but I wonder if the trucks that had the AEC Mark V style grille (as in Martin's second picture) infact had more AEC DNA than that and were actually assembled AEC's given the Monarch name?" Rich also adds: "Martin's Paris Motor show photo is also a great find, and totally new to me. I presume the Ergomatic AEC is just wearing a Willeme badge, but could it have been assembled in Paris, I wonder?"

Willeme RD 1972.jpg

"By the early 1970's Willeme had ceased in their own right, but a successor firm, Perez and Raymond - Paris, had obtained their rights and continued for a while producing trucks like the attached RD 6x4 dumper which used a Detroit V6 and Roadranger 'box. Eventually Perez and Raymond became specialists in heavy haulage tractors which were marketed as 'PRP' and have been featured on BLB a while back. Dave Powell also mentions an interesting chapter from the Willeme history from the mid 1960's - They sold BMC trucks such as the FF into the French market. Cheers! Rich." Great stuff mate... Where else but Biglorryblog would you get such in-depth knowledge!