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More rare ERF trucks on Biglorryblog! From big and small CATs to Chinese Sixes...

  • 16 September 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


Michael Addy has sent more of these great pictures in, and has this to say on the subject:"I have found more rare ERF's but not E16s. Rather I've found an ERF EC7 with a CAT engine in.  I believe not very many were made. Also, an ERF EC15 ex-demo unit then passed to K & P Iddon then passed on to Millers Recovery, then they converted it to a 6x2.  Only 3 where made." Now click through here for more from Mike...


Here's the Cat C15 and Mike says: "Now to some old rare ERF chinese-sixes below. There was only 52 where made and 2 are known to survive on the show circuit. One of them is a sleeper cabbed owned by North Shropshire Transport . While the other is a standerd cabbed lv and is owned by by Nigel Addy (my dad) it was new to Suttons of St helens then passed to wincanton as a recovery." Thanks very much for these pictures Michael, there are some really beautiful examples here...




  • Michael J. Ponsonby BA said

    Good Morning Brian and Michael, Thank you for such an excellent array of ERF Photographs. Hard to believe it now, but back in 1969 truck number PKR 668G with its Cummins NH12-205 engine would have been considered by many to be the state of the art in UK truck developments at that time. The other ERF LV 6x2 number YDJ 781H was first registered by Suttons of St Helens in 1970 and would have been Double-Shifted for the first 10 yrs of its life, before single shift operation for the next 5 yrs (Yes Suttons knew how to get maximum productivity from Tpt Operations) and was to be seen day and night on the M1, M6, A74 corridor to and from London and Scotland, hauling all manner of manufactured products. The plated weight of these two ERF's was 32 tons GCW, but the Mfrs design weigh was circa 38 to 40 tons GCW on five axles. As many three axle tractor units were purchased by operators in anticipation of the weight limits being increased by HMG in the early 1970's. But which never came about until 1982, when the maximum weight was finally increased to 38 tonnes GCW. Kind Regards Mike Ponsonby BA

  • Larry Mcquade said

    A great bunch of pictures, I remember seeing these ERF,s when i was a kid growing up. Brings back some memories.Never really understood the weight limits and rules in england.

  • truckerdude said

    Great photos of real lorries! I seem to remember Lowes of Paddock Wood,Kent running one or two of the chinese sixes on European fridge work serving the NAAFI mainly in Germany. They too had sleepers and I think one is in the Lincolnshire area now, restored in the livery of Dennis of Wainfleet.(I have a photo somewhere of this and will try and post it up!)

  • Michael J. Ponsonby BA said

    Good Morning Brian and Trucker Dude, That ERF LV Chinese six number PKR 668G was indeed operated by Lowes of Padddock Wood and was once featured in a full page 1972 article in 'The Times' on the urgent need to build a Canterbury By-Pass, to take 'Juggernauts' ( PM Ted Heaths words in 1970 Election, not my description) away from this Kent City. For at that time, Canterbury was on the old A2 road to Dover, with no way of avoiding it. Massive Traffic congestion occurred in Canterbury during the day as a result. The Times campaign was successful for Construction of the M2 was started in the late 1970's and now means Motorway are available all the way from London to Dover.... but still we suffer from congestion, it just happens to be on the Motorway now, not in Canterbury. Kind Regards Mike Ponsonby BA

  • Bob said

    Hi I am currently search of some ERF blueprints or Technical specs,need measurements to make 3D mode;

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