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More tank transporter photographs on Biglorryblog--or should that be Bigtankblog!

  • 28 November 2007
  • By Biglorryblog

russtank.JPG If you're wondering why you keep seeing tank transporters on Biglorryblog then don't blame me, blame Road Rat as he started it all off with his original post of a Scammell Contractor! Now Vladimir Chekhuta (BLB's man in Russia) has piled in, although with this admittedly fabulous KZKT-7428 8x8 tank transporter and heavy-duty hauler. It's powered by a 650hp vee-12 and browsing through various websites (in Russian) I noticed that a reference was also made to the Faun 'Elefant' as a similar sort of truck. Anybody know anything about that? Meanwhile, for more Diamond T transporters (and Israeli Army Sherman tanks..) click through here.

Israeli%20Army%20Diamond%20T%20and%20Scammell%20Contractor%20001.jpg Regular BLB 'Keeper of the Flame' Martin Phippard writes to me to say: "Having noted with interest the splendid Diamond Ts and Scammell Contractors featured in BLB and then read a comment making reference to the Israeli Army, I remembered that a mate of mine (ex-Israeli Special Forces Colonel - capable of killing you just by looking at you ) had sent me some pictures years ago. So several frustrating hours later I actually managed to find them. I imagine these images are somewhat rare. Enjoy!" Indeed, we will and the tank on the back of the Scammell Contractor above must surely a Sherman, despite all the modifications on it? Israeli%20Army%20Diamond%20T%20and%20Scammell%20Contractor%20002.jpg And here we have Diamond T tank transporters. heaven knows when this shot was taken. My bet is that it's some time around the 'Six-day-War' circa 1967, although it may even be earlier..though surely not at the time of Suez..i.e. 1956 (when BLB was three!) Israeli%20Army%20Diamond%20T%20and%20Scammell%20Contractor%20003.jpg These two are clearly set up for towing a drawbar trailer..although in this instance they have excavators (or walking draglines..? I never did know the difference) on the back. Israeli%20Army%20Diamond%20T%20and%20Scammell%20Contractor%20004.jpg In a convoy with drawbars..parked up a and without anything on the back. And now a rare colour shot. Israeli%20Army%20Diamond%20T%20and%20Scammell%20Contractor%20005.jpg And in tank transporter guise...and I convinced that is a Sherman on the back. In the meantime, folowing recent posts on BLB on the Scammell Contractor I've been e-mailed by Marshall Greer who has his own terrific tank transporter website which BLB heartily recommends you visit! And Marshall, if you read this tell me it IS a Sherman!