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More Willemes and Sisus on Biglorryblog - you can't beat a god heavy hitter.

  • 21 July 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


The Keeper of the Flame is clearly an early bird as he's e-mailed me to say: "Good morning Brian,I hope that this isn't doing the Willeme theme to death [as if anyone could! BLB] but I stumbled across this superb picture of the 8x4 heavy haulage tractor featured on an earlier blog and thought I should confirm that it WAS built for the Portugues Power Authoity in 1949 and was designed to operate at weights up to 245-tonnes gross. That was quite hefty for the time I imagine. Anyway it's a handsome old beast in my opinion and one has to ask if it was the first bonneted 8-wheeler ever built? Now there's a question. Pete Davies, where are you?

Cheers, Martin P." Now click through for more more from MOP - another French Sisu heavy hitter.


"Yet another heavy haulage SISU registered in France, says Martin, the picture is courtesy of and was shot by Fabian Oberlin Martin."

Of course the real question is has anyone got any shots of rench or Spanish-registered Roll-Royce opowered ERF ECs? If so please send them to Biglorryblog at

And stay tuned because we are also setting up a special BLB contributor mailbox on Google.