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Navistar's new 15-litre MaxxForce it an MAN...and is it coming our way asks Biglorryblog?

  • 06 January 2009
  • By Biglorryblog



Now here's an interesting little thing. Thanks to Kevin Jones at the excellent website I learn that US truck and engine maker Navistar is to launch a 15-litre "MaxxForce" in-line six EGR engine ready for EPA 2010. And it will break cover at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March.

What Biglorryblog finds interesting is that, as many BLB readers will already know that the MaxxForce 11 and 13-litre EGR engines already offered by Navistar are 'Americanised' versions of the current D20 and D26 truck diesels of similar swept volumes and output from MAN supplies them to Navistar under a joint agreement.

Now I know what you're thinking....if the MaxxForce engine IS derived from an MAN engine does that mean we'll get a 15-litre in-line six for MAN trucks in Europe? And if the answer is yes then where does that leave the mighty 16-litre V8 with regard to the men from Munich.

It's a good question(s) and one to which I have so far been unable to get an answer. All Navistar is saying is: "Yesterday Navistar announced today that it will introduce a MaxxForce 15-litre engine solution for 2010 and beyond that is customer-focused and does not rely on additional after treatment or an additional operating fluid. Our solution is consistent with our corporate strategy to leverage what we have and what others have built by combining our own expertise and our long-standing relationships with other companies. We are not sharing our specific product plans at this time, but will share specific details about the MaxxForce 15 during the Mid-America Truck Show in March."


And if it's not derived from the MAN engine family then what is it? Rumours have been floating around lately of a joint Navistar/Cat venture (not least in light of the news that Cat is to withdraw from the on-highway engine market.) My money, however, is on an MAN block...but we'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I am grateful to my 'World Truck Blog' blogging co-evil Ollie Dixon on for tipping me off to Kevin's story. Check out Ollie's blog for the usual pithy comments...


And speaking of Navistar news I can tell you that it was also recently selected by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to participate in an alternative-vehicle technology project aimed at accelerating the development, evaluation and deployment of advanced, aerodynamic trailers to significantly reduce fuel consumption by heavy-duty tractor trailers. The DOE will contribute half of the $2 million cost of the 30-month project.

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Navistar says: "The DOE project is aimed at protecting US national and economic security by promoting a diverse supply and delivery of reliable, affordable and environmentally sound alternative energy. In total, the DOE will invest more than $14.5 million over three years in alternative-vehicle technology projects in three diverse topic areas: lithium-ion battery materials and manufacturing; thermoelectric heating, ventilation and air conditioning; and aerodynamic heavy-duty truck trailers."
"Navistar is proud to work with the Department of Energy on a project that will help reduce tractor-trailer fuel consumption and reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil," said Jack Allen, Navistar's president of North American truck operations. "Over the last several years, we've developed some of the most fuel-efficient, aerodynamic trucks on the road and we're excited to apply the aerodynamic breakthroughs of our trucks into a complete tractor-trailer combination."
"Navistar, along with Frito Lay, Kentucky Trailer, Freight Wing, Michelin and the DOE's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will work together to bring to market a tractor-trailer combination and tire package that can reduce the fuel consumption of a heavy vehicle by at least 15 percent. Following development, a commercial fleet will evaluate the benefits of the new technology package through real-world use. After completion of the project, the team members will make this fuel-efficient technology package available for sale."
"Research conducted by Navistar shows that an aerodynamic tractor helps improve the performance of trailer aero devices. As part of this project, an optimal integrated aero package will be built around the International ProStar, the industry's most aerodynamic heavy-duty truck."