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New Ford Cargo is on the way! And the 'One Ford' global growth strategy explained on Biglorryblog!

  • 03 August 2012
  • By Brian Weatherley

Biglorryblog has often posted stories on one of his favourite-looking trucks—the Ford Cargo, built in Brazil and Turkey. Well word reaches me that Ford is preparing to launch its new Cargo model 1846T which will be the first product of the brand’s ‘One Ford Strategy’. And this is the official shot of the camouflaged prototype on the road which accompanies the latest press release from the Turkish truck maker Ford Otosan which declares: “To become a more competitive player in markets with its Ford Cargo brand, Ford is also implementing its global truck growth strategy in line with its “One Ford” vision. Ford Cargo’s new model 1846T has been improved to compete in the global markets with its universal capabilities which will satisfy all the expectations of drivers.”


“Ford’s new heavy commercial vehicle 1846T, which will be the brand’s first model after globalisation of Ford Cargo in the strategy of One Ford, is counting the days to be launched. Ford wants to be more competitive in the export markets and also aims to increase its market share with the brand new model. Ford Cargo 1846T will be simultaneously launched in Turkey, Brazil, and other export markets in early December. Ford’s product development team reflected Ford’s new design philosophy in the New Ford Cargo tractor unit, which increases productivity by offering an excellent level of performance, durability, and low cost of ownership. The Ford Cargo 1846T stands out with its more aesthetic look, comfortable handling and living environment.”


Second stage of Ford Cargo’s global growth strategy also implemented

The release goes on to say: “Ford’s implementation of the ‘One Ford’ strategy in the heavy commercial vehicle segment will highlight durability, affordability and comfort in order to satisfy the expectations of customers from different markets. After starting to implement its three-stage global truck strategy, Ford Otosan İnönü Plant and Ford South America worked together this year in-line with this target. In the first stage, use of common cabins as with the Cargos produced in South America was started. Production of common products followed this as the second stage, whereby the Ford Cargo 1846T tractor unit started to be produced. In the third stage of growth, creation of a common product line-up will be studied including the engine.”


New Ford Cargo 1846T provides combination of high safety, comfort and low cost of ownership

And it continues: “Designed by Ford’s product development team in line with the expectations of the customers, the New Ford Cargo tractor has an impressive and powerful look with its appealing kinetic design and sharp design lines. Its new 10.3 litre engine with 460 PS output and 2100 Nm torque does its work without difficulty even when pulling the toughest loads. The 240kW engine brake system supported by a 500 kW intarder ensures the new Ford Cargo to brake safely while its Electronic Brake System (EBS) provides the user with the best possible control. In addition to all of these, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) reduces the risk of slipping or overturning of the tractor and trailer in an emergency or at inappropriate speeds. The new Extra High Roof Cabin of the Ford Cargo 1846T with its interior height of 1945 mm provides a roomy driving space for the driver. The cab air suspension enhances the comfort and the wider steps with step cover helps easy ingress & egress. Additionally foldable side deflector and side skirts, new stowage areas inside and outside the cabin, an electrically controlled sunroof including safety glass, easy cleanable floor mats, new functional IP and controls are the improvements for better ergonomics. The superior ride and handling, accompanied with automatic transmission and cruise control guarantees the comfortable driving experience. Immobiliser system and step covers for security against theft are other security items offered with new Ford Cargo.”


Ford Cargo offers superior attributes

Furthermore, the release says: “Optimised combination of engine, transmission and rear axle allows high performance with competitive fuel consumption with the help of aerodynamic improvements and weight reductions. The Fleet Management System that is offered as option allows the fleet managers to keep their running costs under control and more efficient management of their fleets. Ford Cargo is also engineered to reduce service costs. Improved service intervals and extended life times for maintenance parts contribute overall running costs. 1 million km, 10 years structural durability is validated by the tests done all around the world including US, Brazil, Turkey, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.” 


Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün says they used Ford Otosan’s experience of 52 years in heavy commercial vehicles in the production of the new tractor unit, adding that “We believe that our new tractor unit will meet all expectations of our customers with its engine power, performance, and innovations inside and outside the cabin, and that it will become the first choice of the drivers.”


Yenigün continues: “In Turkey, we are designing and producing our products in accordance with EU norms. We have the produce trucks that satisfy the needs of different customers from different markets. We are designing a warm climate package for the Gulf Countries and a cold climate package for Russia. In addition, our production of engines with Euro-1, Euro-3 and Euro-5 emission levels depending on demand from our export markets is also underway. If we look at our sale figures in Turkey and Brazil shows that one in every four trucks sold in both Turkey and Brazil is a Ford Cargo. We would like to carry this success to our export markets. There are currently 30 export markets in the regions around Turkey and Brazil. We are aiming to reach 80 export markets in line with our growth strategy. We are configuring our export strategy in order to realize the growing heavy-duty commercial vehicle potential in Turkey and in the neighboring developing countries, mainly Russia, Eastern Europe, the Turkic Republics, North Africa and the Middle East. With the alliance we have developed with Ford South America, we will become a competitive player in global markets by raising our exports to 5,000 within 5 years.”


A total of 175,000 Ford Cargos produced in Turkey in 52 years

To finish off Ford Otosan says: “With its production of a total of 175,000 trucks since 1960 when it started its production activity, Ford Otosan is currently the brand producing the highest number of trucks in Turkey.There are 350 engineers employed only in truck projects at Ford Otosan, which has the capability to develop products appropriate to the demands of bodybuilders and customers thanks to its being a domestic producer and its engineering power and know-how. 25 main models and over 1000 different sub-models can be manufactured at the Ford Otosan Inönü Plant.”


So there you have the full story and BLB awaits the arrival of the new (un-camouflaged) Cargo with great interest!