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Remember "Movin' On" the seminal 60s and 70s TV trucking show? Biglorryblog does..and so does Rod Simmonds.

  • 23 October 2007
  • By Biglorryblog

CW%20PUKEKOHE%20MOVIN%20ON%20KENWORTH%20W900%20%2863%29.jpg Who remembers 'Movin' On' the seminal sixties and early seventies US TV Show about life on the road based on an American owner-driver called Sonny Pruitt? Biglorryblog does...and if I recall correctly the actor who played the role of said owner-driver hero was Claude Akins (in a break from previous roles as a cowboy heavy). However, I can't quite recall the name of his mate, an ex-college drop-out and all-round wisenheimer---or indeed the actor who played him. (There's a pie going for anyone who can). CW%20PUKEKOHE%20MOVIN%20ON%20KENWORTH%20W900%20%2847%29.jpg But of course the star of the show was Sonny's immaculate Cummins NTC 350 Cummins-powered Kenworth and it seems I'm not the only one who was impressed by the truck for Rod Simmonds (my man in NZ) has sent me these pictures of a rather smart look-alike Sonny Pruitt Kenworth that's been restored by Kiwi owner-operator Collin Walters (that's his truck at the top, and him and his son James above). It's currently powered by a 60 Series Detroit Diesel which replaced the old 440 8V92 two-stroke 'when diesel was cheap!' adds Rod.

7f_3%20MOVIN%20ON.jpg And not only has Rod sent me a picture of CW's rig but also this page from a book or brochure showing Sonny Pruitt's tractor in all its glory with a picture taken by Garold B Martindale. At this rate I'll start blogging about Whirlybirds again!