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Rotinoff roadtrains running down-under. Only Biglorryblog has this kind of stuff!

  • 25 August 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


Peter Murray has obviously been following the Rotinoff thread as he says: "Hello Brian, two Rotinoff Viscounts were brought to Australia in late 1957, by a Lord Vestey of the homeland. Vestey had been a large cattle producer and meatworks owner in Australia since around 1910ish. As road transport was taking over from the traditional 'drover' (walking cattle to market) as the means of moving large numbers of cattle to market - from remote outback properties, Vestey purchased his own ex-WW2 Diamond T and a road train... Soon after he decided to upgrade and in competition to the famous B Model Macks and other British breeds - he had Rotinoff build him 2 road train capable trucks." Now click through here for more...


"Both units are now in the hands of the Australian National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs. One has been restored and is on display." And having visisted it some years ago Biglorryblog can confirm the Aussie Roadtrain Hall of Fame in Alice is superb! Thanks Peter for brigning the Rotinoff story on another step.