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'Sacre bleu!' exclaims le Biglorryblog....fascinating facts of Mack's forary into France from Gazza!

  • 14 January 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


It's a Mack Jean-Luc..but not as we know it...and click on the picture to see it in Biglorryblog's new 'Expando-vision' too. Yes Gary 'Two Hats' Richards in Oz has been digging and delving into Mack's Euro-history and come up with this fascinating treasure trove of stuff. Gazza tells me: "I've been sharing some Mack material with a French Mack enthusiast, Erwan de Lambertye - Mack Aust had a long association with the French and there are some interesting coincidences...." And you can read all about them by clicking thriough here and boy are there some weird waggons involved!

French Mack brochure1.jpg

Gary continues: "The Mack Bernard association is quite an interesting one. There is little information on this global conquest plan from the Mack side but I am sure an Army member can enlighten me although it looks to have been a short-lived adventure..."

French mack brochure.jpg

"It certainly was a valiant effort to make inroads into Europe and remarkably, Mack's acquisition was done in the 1963 - the same year Mack Trucks Australia was founded...making Mack a true global player in the era. As we saw in the T&B ads, it was dynamic truck market in the early 60's...."

mack bernard.jpg

Amongst the pictures Gary has sent me are these two...and what a weird cab! Looks like it was based on one they did in local Origami classes...I'm assuming it's a Mack drivetrain but with a home-built cab---so  who can tell us more about it?

Mack bernard 1957.jpg

This is from reminds me of the French operator who built his own trucks based on someone else's (Renault?) drivetrain. Jack semple did a big interview with him for TRUCK---must have been late 80s/early 90s. But who was the operator?

French Mack.jpg 

Obviously they giot more 'familiar' models in time. but is this Belgian? I also recall Mack exhbiting at the Brussels show and in RAI too.


Gary concludes: "And the really remarkable aspect in all of this is that 20 years later, the French (Renault) would be running Mack and here in OZ, we would be building and badging COEs as Macks...but that is another story !! "C'est la vie" GR."


...reminds me a bit of the ERF European steel cab don't you think?

 collection of french macks.jpg

And to finish here's three in the French 'dog' pound! Facinating stuff...and BLB's thanks to Garty and Erwan..