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A stainless steel Autocar doesn't come much better than that says Biglorryblog!

  • 09 December 2007
  • By Biglorryblog

Autocar%201962.jpg Richard 'The King of Brochures' Stanier sent me this fabulous shot of a super shiny yankee clipper. Richard says: "If you like 'blinged up' motors then check out the 1962 Autocar clad in stainless steel!" He has also provided Biglorryblog with some nice shots of licence-built motors and adds: "Hi Brian, I've just been catching up with the Blog after a hectic week's work, and I've attached some follow up stuff from this week's themes." Dina%20761.jpg "First off here are a couple of sots of Mexican Dinas---It was good to see the International- based Dina trucks featured. However, in the early 70's Dina produced trucks based on the Diamond Reo (yes them again!) and I've included a scan of one of them [that's it pictured above]. The Dina 761 was a 6x4 tractor unit powered by the Cummins NTC 335 with a Spicer 16 speed box." Dina%20D12160.jpg Richard goes on to say; "In more recent times Dina produced the D12160, a tidy middleweight truck featuring a Cummins B-Series engine and the old Fiat/OM/Iveco cab. Incidentally a version of this cab is still found on the Zastava truck produced in Zagreb." Now click through here for a very early eclectic electric truck!

General%20Vehicle.jpg Richard concludes: "Will's feature on electric CVs in the US [see previous blog] was interesting, although they are nothing new in the States. I've enclosed a photo of a General Vehicle electric truck of 1912. GV's were built from 1906 to 1920 in New York, they had General Electric motors and their capacity went up to 5 tons." Great stuff Richard and thanks. Cheers, Richard.