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'Take me with you' says Biglorryblog...a fascinating 'truck-art' project which reminds us all of what lorry drivers do everyday!

  • 17 January 2011
  • By Biglorryblog

Now here's a quirky little story...which also serves to remind Biglorryblog of the power of using an artic as a mobile '48-sheet' poster site---and how every day thousands of professional drivers leave home and hearth to go to work, often away for days from their families. It comes to me from Richard Cox, boss of HaulinAds who says: "Not advertising this time...but art! On Saturday, HaulinAds launched a new campaign that will run until Mid April.  It's an art campaign entitled 'Take Me With You'" by the artist Mat Hand. 'Take Me With You' is a participatory, travelling, public art installation exploring absence through a combination of lorryside portraits, poetic text and multimedia. And here's a close up of one of the images I took." To the whole trailer and to read what it's all about click through here... 


BLB learns that In November 2010 Mat Hand and photographer Manuel Reinartz made a series of photographic portraits of lorry driver's families at their homes in and around the March area of Cambridgeshire. 


"I'm sure you will agree the 'stand-out' effect is amazing!" adds Richard. "If anyone would like more details or would like to know more about the project etc. then they can call me on 01430 803 124. And the project is definitely interactive---so if you see the truck and take a pic of it and want to upload it to the 'take me with you' website then you can by simply clicking on