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The 100th 'Stretched' Volvo FH Globetrotter XXL is sold in Norway and Biglorryblog has the story!

  • 25 April 2012
  • By Brian Weatherley

Who is this man and why is he looking so happy? Well thanks to Biglorryblog’s mate in Norway, Torstein Magelssen who is the market communications and PR manager for Volvo Norge AS (and a regular contributor to BLB) I can tell you. His name is Jens Petter Overå and he drives for Busengdal Transport AS the big construction and transport company, based on the west-side of Norway, outside Ålesund. And why is Jens looking so happy? Because he is the lucky bloke who gets to drive the 100th Volvo FH16 equipped with the super-stretched Globetrotter XXL cab to be delivered in Norway! And in case you’re wondering what the Kangaroo decal is all about, the XXL Globetrotter cab, which is longer by 245mm than a ‘regular’ FH XL Globetrotter cabin was originally designed for the Aussie market. However, as Norway allows longer artics and drawbars the XXL can be couple with normal length trailers---and use they have in Norway (said he sounding like Yoda)!  

Torstein tells me: “It’s his very first new Volvo, he’s been driving for 25 years in different companies and this is his very first NEW truck. “ And what a one to start with. Torstein adds: “The company has also invested in a new Faymonville special trailer that can be expanded to 29m! The rest you can find in the press-release – You do read Norwegian???” Well thanks to Google Translate I now can mate! And here’s what I’ve gleaned from the press release. The 100th XXL is based on a 600hp FH16 6x4 chassis with I-Shift (naturally) and air suspension. It comes with a nine-tonne front axle and 23-tonne back bogie and is plated to haul at up to 70-tonnes GCW. On the roof there sits a smart Trux-bar with extra lights—there are also more lights on the back of the cab and everything including the extra brights, side skirts and paint scheme were all delivered from the factory. Inside, the driver has a coffee maker and fridge as well as a decent stereo.

One other nice litle touch is this drop down illuminated front light box. Such units are quite common in Norway where they are used to display notices like wide load and other bits of information to other road users. It sits neatly below the grille and Jens can quickly swap signs depending on the job being done by the truck...neat eh?

As well as working with the special Faymonville semi the FH16 can also be coupled to a normal tipping semi-trailer and used on regular construction work explains Erling Busengdal (that’s him on the left) one of the two brothers who together run the family business which has 110 employees and runs a large selection of construction kit including various loaders, dump trucks and crushers as well as 14 trucks---four of which are crane vehicles.

And to finish here’s a shot of happy Jens and equally smiling Volvo salesman John Birger Ludvigsen at Wist Last og Buss in Ålesund.  And with an FH16 XXL to play with who wouldn't be smiling?