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The iconic 'Emeryville' International DCO 405 cabover rides again on Biglorryblog---thanks to 'The Brochure King'

  • 23 June 2010
  • By Biglorryblog

International Emeryville.jpg

Rich Stanier (aka 'The Brochure King') has once again astounded me with the depth of his archive collection following the post I did on the old IH cabover. "Hi Brian, here's a brochure scan of the International DCO 405 "Emeryville" as I was surprised this blog produced no further pictures (although lots of comments!)." Yes it appears to have been a favourite and it just shows what gems can be found on YouTube. Meanwhile, Rich goes on to say. "Good to see a photo of the twin - engined D Series too, and also the new-to-me BedfordLuckily my Yarovit Gloros [subject of a recent blog posting-BLB] brochure is in English, so I can confirm that when the truck was launched it featured a V6 or V8 Deutz diesel, with alternative Cummins ISM and Caterpillar C12 offered. Regards, Rich."