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The mighty Yarovit returns to Biglorryblog---with a brochure we can't understand!

  • 22 June 2010
  • By Biglorryblog

Yarovit Brochure.jpg

The other day I asked about Yarovit trucks having posted up a story on them on Biglorryblog. Well Peter Davies has come back to me to say: "Yarovit trucks are built in St Petersburg and the product line was only introduced about seven years back. The 8x8 is called the 'Gloros' (in fact that seems to be the general name for the range). They have a V8 diesel but I'm not sure of the details. There's a whole range of heavy trucks up to 10x6 and for gtw of 140tons. I'll find out more. Meanwhile, here's a brochure I have in my collection - trouble is I'm not fluent in Russian! Regards, Peter (Eightwheeler Man)," Well perhaps BLB's man in Russia Vladimir Chekhuta can help out?