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The new Sisu Polar on Biglorryblog! The 'Finnishing' touches to the trucks with real guts!

  • 29 November 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


The cat's out of the bag (or rather the bear)! For behold, the brand new Mercedes-cab-based Sisu Polar! And I am most grateful to Juhan Julkj├╝ri for tipping me off to the fact that the story and pictures of the new Polar (which has a highly-stylised, Sisu-badged, Merc cab atop Merc engines) are up on the company website at And I reckon the Finns have done a pretty good job of giving the Actros cab their own unique 'face' don't you? Now click through here for the full story and lots more Polar photos..they're grrrrrreat!


The official story on the Sisu website declares that the new range of truck, called the Polar Star range, which ultilises Daimler-components, "is a strong domestic product." Moreover, it has a number of important improvements over the old model...


As you can see the Actros cab has been given the 'Sisu' treatment and is offered as a high-roof big sleeper or working 'day cab'---all in the classic Finn range of timber, rock and gravel trucks.


And in classic Finnish chassis configurations too as Martin P will confirm...


And here's the engine and gearbox choice for your Sisu Polar:

  • Mercedes-Benz OM501LA, V6 at 480hp and 2300Nm
  • Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, V8, at 550hp and 2600Nm
  • Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, V8, at 600hp and 2800Nm
  • Mercedes PowerShift G280-16, auto
  • Mercedes Telligent G240-16 Synchronised manual
  • Eaton Fuller RTLO 20918

And as more information on the Polar comes in (and I get interior shots too) I'll post them up on BLB.