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The Road Boss...the World's Biggest Monster Truck on Biglorryblog! Named after you-know-who!

  • 30 August 2010
  • By Biglorryblog


That loveable old curmudgeon 'The Boss' makes his regular report to Biglorryblog. "Blog Meister, well it's coming around again,Truck of the Year 2010 that is and I am sure the BLB will agree that from this selection the winner will come. So here's my choice. Tractor unit of the Year....the 1275hp White Road Boss...named after me, I am told it eats a Volvo 700 and a Scania 730 for breakfast each day..." And click through here for more from the old boy!


And he duly continues: " ...which reminds me, dateline Thursday Cavaillon truckstop Percy and I watched and listened in amazement as a French driver ran a 700 Volvo for 6 hours just to run the air con.. madness! The.Boss says if you are spending all that money on a unit spend a few quid more and fit an air con pod." Wise words indeed...I wonder if he's paying for the diesel...?

"Then we have the Pick up the Year to be chosen from this line up and I don't know which is which. I lost the bit of paper although I do know the one on the left is a Ford and the one on the right is a Dodge thingy so it's pie them! And just in case you want to see all these ToY contenders in action,on You Tube look for the Cascadeurs a French car crushing outfit. The Boss." As I've saved the above shots in 'Expando-Vision' you can see them bigger by just clicking on them.