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The super slippery Bedford TM 'Aero' Concept's still a TM says Biglorryblog!

  • 24 March 2009
  • By Biglorryblog

Bedford TM Concept.jpg
The brochure King is on a roll. having asked Ed Burrows if he had any shots of the 'Aero' TM this is what Richard Stanier has fired back to Biglorryblog: "Hi Brian - re Bedford concept trucks - the caption says 'Bedford's TM Long-Haul 'concept' vehicle combines dramatically sleek looks with features designed to improve aerodynamics. These include adjustable air deflector on the roof, air dam below the front bumper, faired-in panniers enclosing vehicle sides and deflectors between cab and trailer" (Issued October 1978)'  Cheers! Rich." Mmmmm well at the risk of being rude I'm reminded of the phrase about the aural equipment of pork-based mammals and ladies' money holders made from the by-product of silk worms...if you see what I mean. And I can't put it more politely than that---but thanks Rich it's exactly what I wanted and I remember seeing it at the NEC which was my first Motor Show for CM!