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The World's fastest JCB on Biglorryblog..say hello to the HMEE high-mobility, high-speed, armoured backhoe loader!

  • 05 January 2011
  • By Biglorryblog

newJCB 451.jpg

Armoured High-Mobility JCB backhoe loader anyone? This Cumins-powered double-tough digger is capable of travelling up to 60 mph (88km/h) and it comes to Biglorryblog from my Italian chum Gianenrico Griffini who was recently over in the States seeing it in action. And to read all about it and to find a spec sheet click through here!


I've saved all this stuff in 'Expando-Vision' so just click on the page and you'll see it bigger and easier to read...


And finally the spec sheet..