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The world's largest concrete pumper...on a Kenworth naturally! Biglorryblog has the story.

  • 13 August 2008
  • By Biglorryblog


Biglorryblog has Daf's Tony Pain for tipping me off on this monster---the world's largest truck-mounted concrete pump boom. And we have those jolly German concrete pumper experts Putzmeister at to thank for it. And naturally, they used a Kenworth to do it too.

According to the press blurb Putzmeister will present the M 70-5---modestly described as 'the largest truck-mounted concrete pump boom in the world'----to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the company. With a vertical reach of around 70 m and the largest working radius ever achieved, the machine has raised the bar definitively in the concrete construction sector.

Now click through here to read's worth it!


Biglorryblog notes that the first unit is destined for an American PM customer based in California (just like the Americans to have the biggest of everything--surprised it wasn't going to Texas!) Anyway, several other orders have already been placed. The machine in the picture, however, is fitted with large-capacity 2-cylinder piston pumps that can attain a maximum output of 200 m³/h ...that's a lot of concrete.

To comply with the legal regulations in certain US federal states Putzmeister has mounted the large-boom concrete pump M 70-5 on a 5-axle semitrailer - the version planned for European customers and for other countries will be configured differently. The boom, base structure with support and outriggers, pump unit and independent power engine (330 kW Deutz 6-cylinder diesel within international emission standard TIER 3) are located on the semitrailer and of the five axes available, three are steered.

Moreover, the customer has selected a Kenworth C500B (10 x 6/4) as the prime mover/tractor unit. Of five axles on the tractor unit, three are driven fully suspended, two of them are hydrostatically driven (for slow speed over rough terrain) and two axes are steered.

This semitrailer solution enabled Putzmeister to develop an extremely mobile large-boom concept with a turning radius of less than 18m suitable both for use on and off road. Due to this design the world's largest truck-mounted concrete pump is as flexible as much smaller units. However, the 5-arm boom in a roll Z fold configuration (whatever that means---anybody?) has a vertical reach of around 53m and a horizontal reach of 17m, far superior to that of other machines. When operated in restricted space, the large boom can unfold fully within the footprint of the machine. During pumping operations, the tractor unit remains rigidly connected to the semitrailer and acts as a counterweight.

All of which has Biglorryblog can I get a go of it? And thanks for the heads-up Tony!