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Top 10 Trucks. There IS a Scania Longline in Britain says Biglorryblog...!

  • 08 January 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

BLBlongline1.jpg The other day, having waxed lyrical about the sadly-missed Scania Longline in Biglorryblog's 'All-time head-turning Top 10 Trucks' poll sonmeone posted a comment to say: "Is there a Longline in Britain?". To which the answer is, as far as I know, YES! And here it is in all its glory. And what a stunner it is. And how do I come by this intelligence (and picture)? Because a young lady sent me these pictures to T&D and to my intense embarassment I've lost her details. DOH! So if she happens to see this perhaps she'd get in touch? Meanwhile, to prove it's a Longline here's a sideview showing the extran long cab...and wheelbase. BLBlongline2.jpg And if you think it looks groovy on the outside you just click you here to see an equally wild interior...

BLBlongline3.jpg Now that's more like it, Black button-tufted leather from floor to ceiling, white pine and gold trim furnishings too. And in case you're wondering the thing on the left is the bed, running the LENGTH of the cab (not across) and the bit on the right is the sofa. In between is a pull up table and on the far right more storage cabinets and the kitchenette BLBlongline4.jpg And now for an equally distinctive dashboard. This IS a real individual truck alright. And as far as BLB knows, it's one of a kind in the UK. Unless any of my readers know of another Longline in Blighty?