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Turkish Fargo trucks from Askam Otomotiv. The Brochure King comes good on Biglorryblog yet again.

  • 06 May 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

Turkish%20Fargo.jpg Quick as a flash, (but then that's what I've come to expect from him) Richard 'The Brochure King' Stanier has responded to Biglorryblog's call for more information on 'The Fargo' featured in AtkiPete's recent posting from Oz. Richard says: "Hi Brian, you are right that the 'Fargo' is actually the same vehicle as the Kew Dodge. Dodge Brothers used various brand names over the years for both British and American-derived trucks, particularly for export markets. The names: 'Fargo', 'DeSoto', and (in the 1920's) 'Graham' were all used on Dodges." Richard goes on to say, "Out of interest there is still a Fargo available now - courtesy of Askam Otomotiv of Turkey [that's it pictured above]. This company started as Chrysler's Turkish division but now makes trucks with MAN-derived cabs and Hino engines, still bearing the Fargo name." Now click through here for a REALLY unusual Dodge...

Dodge%20Fuso.jpg Richard concludes the 'Dodge by any other name' saga by saying: "And furthermore, whilst we are on the subject of unusual Dodges down under, how about this picture of a brochure from 1975. Anyone remember the Dodge Fuso?" Not me Richard but then in 1975 I was but a mere stripling of a lad with my life on Commercial motor all before me...and look what happened to me since! Anyroadup nice stuff Richard and that Fargo looks rather nice and not that dissimilar from the Turkish Ford Cargo either.