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Welcome to the wonderful world of Willeme! Biglorryblog throws out yet another anorak challenge!

  • 12 July 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


After an all-too-long absence 'The Keeper of the Flame' Martin Phippard has returned to Biglorryblog and says: Hi Brian, I've been enjoying myself in Italy and Switzerland for the past couple of weeks, chasing trucks of course. But it's not all bad news. Since I returned Mrs P has been ruthlessly (and I admit understandably) enforcing the 'no more junk in until you take some out' rule with the result that I have been obliged to do a little 'filing' just to keep her at bay." Love the two motorcyle cops in the background!


"This is good news indeed for Richard TBK since it invariably means that I stumble across something I'd forgotten I had. And so it is that I attach the not terribly good pictures of a  with an AEC engine as mentioned on BLB by TBK recently. And here's a couple more..."


Meanwhile Martin adds: "Anyone know anything about the AEC/Willeme cab?" And he says, regarding the above heavy hitter: "And Willeme built some heavy kit too as evidenced by this 8x4 unit destined, so I recall, for the Portuguese Power Authority. But I forget the year. Anyone out there remember?" Meanwhile click through here for a real surprise...


"And finally," says Martin, "Here's a shot taken at the 1968 Paris Motor Show showing an AEC badged as a Willeme and two Willemes with AEC badges on the grille." And is that an AEC engine as well asks Biglorryblog? So what can my beloved anorak army tell me about Willemes? And how about that for a cracking photo... IN COLOUR?