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Dick Denby Eco-Link B-Double 'goes Dutch' with Jumbo Trailers! Biglorryblog has the story...

  • 20 October 2009
  • By Biglorryblog


What's 25.25m long, voluminous and can trun on a sixpence? Answer: the Dick Denby Eco-Link B-Double and Dick tells me that the Dutch trailer maker Jumbo. "Has just produced their first 'B' Double with active steer under license from Denby Transport. Another British idea is developed abroad!" Even if the DfT  won't allow the Eco-Link to run in the UK! And that's the Deby/Jumbo B-Double above--an exclusive unveiling on Biglorryblog!


However, Dick says: "Their version has active steer on both axles of the link trailer but also active steer on two of the three axles on the rear trailer. A very smart tool." Now click through here for more.... 



Dick goes on to say: "Interestingly they use 10 tonne axles on the link trailer with 435(50)-22.5. Goodyear tyres, a fairly new size. They feel they need this axle capacity as the rear trailer will have a heavy fridge motor on the front. Regards, Dick."