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What's the heaviest load ever moved by truck? More South African monster movers on Biglorryblog.

  • 21 September 2008
  • By Biglorryblog


I've had this question posed Nicky Clayton (via Dennis Child at ROTRAN). who asks: "If this is the biggest single piece ever to be moved, what about the 352-tonne casting we moved from Forgemasters to Goole for airbus when I worked for A.L.E. "


Nicky continues: "We moved it several times from Forgemasters to Kveaner Keavy Engineering then to Goole docks---on a 20-axle flat top between sites then used a girder set of 2x11 row Nicolas axles. power came from the Unipower and a Faun Koloss at the back and we had an ex-Econofreight Daf as back up.


This is just one of many such moves I worked on at A.L.E as well as a stint in south africa working with ROTRAN." And Nicky asks: "Does Dennis have any pics of the outfit we had out there we used 16 4-file each end two Faun Goliaths heading and 2 old Pacifics pushing at the rear - Nicky Clayton." And clearly Dennis DOES have those pictures cos here they are wiht the Faun directly above--now click through here for more South Afican heavies....



Dennis has sent me this venerable Mammoet MAN eight-legger too, hauling a 150-ton cable reel on a mult-axle modular trailer. Bet this was built at the old OAF plant in Vienna.

Meanwhile, can any member of Biglorryblog's anaorak army tell definitively what IS the heaviest load ever moved by road by truck...?