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Willme and MOL. Not a Music Hall act---but another brace of forgotten truck brands rediscovered on Biglorryblog!

  • 09 April 2008
  • By Biglorryblog

Willeme%20TG%20200.jpg Everyday Biglorryblog learns something new...not least when it comes to Richard 'the Brochure King' Stanier who is a veritable walking, talking, e-mailing dictionary of trucks and trucking. For example he's sent me these pictures of a manufacturer called 'Willme'. "Who?" was my reaction! Anyway he says:" Good afternoon Brian, Tut, tut for not being aware of Willeme - I hope none of our Gallic cousins will be offended if they read the blog!" Willeme%201963.jpg Richard goes on to say: "Willeme were quite a distinguished manufacturer of trucks from the early 1930's to the middle - late 1970's and they had quite close associations with a couple of British manufacturers. I have attached a scan of a nice Willeme artic from 1963 [that's it above]which was powered by the AEC 690 engine. You can see the AEC triangle on the front." Willeme%20BMC.jpg "Willeme - BMC was a bit of badge - engineering whereby British built BMC trucks were re-badged for the French market. Check out the "Willeme BMC B30", AKA the FG - surely uglier than a small - wheeled Mack, but kind of looking almost cute with some misty - eyed hindsight for British truck manufacturing." You know that top cab looks rather attractive...meanwhile click through here for more on Willme heavy hitters and a MOL tank transporter.

Richard says: "Martin was interested in the heavy haulage Willemes though, and these seemed to have been the company's swan song, soldiering on until the late 1970's when they were re - named PRP, or PRP - Willeme. I've enclosed a scan of a similar vehicle to the one in the drawing, a TG 200, built for 200 tonnes and powered by a Detroit V12 of 400 Horses." MOL.jpg And now for that tank transporter which Richard explains thus: "The MOL T5266 [pictured above] from the early 1980's onwards, does bare a resemblance to the old Willeme, and I believe the Belgian machine is devolved from it. The MOL is a tank transporter built for 89 tonnes, and was powered by a Cummins KT 1150 of 450hp. Cheers, Rich." Ahhh yes the Cummins KT, if I remember rightly it was a 19-litre lump that was eventually overtaken by the current QSK. Not sure where it was built but I think the Shotts plant. Normally used for generators but then used in the odd heavy hitter including Titan heavy duty tractors special types and Kenworth tractors used on extreme roadtrain work in Oz. Cheers, Rich