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New Mercedes-Benz Axor crew cab heading our way... Even if the pictures are a bit ropey says Biglorryblog!

  • 20 April 2009
  • By Biglorryblog

Axor crew1.JPG

Hello what's this...? An Axor crew cab - on either a 4x2 or 4x4 chassis? That young whipper-snapper at Mercedes-Benz Simon Wood has fired this over to Biglorryblog at the fag end of the day no doubt assuming I'll be far too sleepy to notice. Hah! I'm wide awake you know. Anyroadup for a number of years Mercedes-Benz has offered the Atego range, 7.5 to 15-tonnes, with a seven seat, steel, crew cab. So now it makes sense to offer the same solution for the heavier Axor in both 4x2 and 4x4 configuration. And there you have it.

Axor crew 3.JPG

Meanwhile, in keeping with the Atego, the Axor crew cab offers seating for seven, three in the front and four in the rear and comes complete with two individual rear bench seats, individual three-point seat belts and twin rear doors. The crew cab option is available for all Axor models, including those with rear air suspension...

Axor crew 2.JPG

And this shows it's a tilt cab too. Now before you say 'Those pictures look a bit ropey Biglorryblog!' it's because Mr Wood sent over some lo-res ones embedded in a word document so I had to ring up and ask him for some more hi-res photos. Problem - the guy in Germany who has them has probably gone home. So, I thought, shall I keep my beloved BLB anoraks waiting till I get them? Hell no! With a bit of the old 'print screen' trickery and a touch of 'open' in paint and 'save as a jpeg' then 'resize' Bob's your Uncle - or at least here are the lo-res pix till better ones come along. Now click through here for more...

The arrival of the Axor crew cab does beg the question of BLB... I.e. who exactly wants one in the UK? Well I'd be tempted to say waste companies as the chassis for a bin waggon - but then Merc has already got a perfectly good low-entry garbage truck chassis in the Econic. So that's that idea out the window. So who else would want one... Errr... Fire brigades? Well they've already got the Atego for that... So ummm... Who's next? Utility companies? maybe. I'm sure there MUST be an operator who says: "This is just what I've been looking for!" And once I've thought of who that likely customer is - or Mr Wood has told me - I'll let you know. Meanwhile, Simon hury up with those high-res photos... BLB has standards to maitain you know!