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Ombudsman criticises DVLA driver medical delays

Major failings in the way the DVLA is assessing drivers’ fitness to hold a vocational licence has left drivers no choice but to resign from their jobs or turn down employment.

Compliance systems in a "dire state" at food wholesaler

North East traffic commissioner (TC) Kevin Rooney has said a food wholesaler is unfit to hold a restricted O-licence, because of fears that “compliance will deteriorate” following its public inquiry (PI).

Central London ULEZ to be introduced by 2019

London mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed that an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be introduced in central London by 2019, a year earlier than originally envisioned.

OCRS changes expected next year

The DVSA is to make several changes to its OCRS system, which include removing the function that sees an operator’s score go straight to red if a single serious defect is discovered.