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Sole trader fails in disqualification appeal

A sole trader who lent his O-licence discs to an unauthorised operator has lost his appeal against Scotland traffic commissioner (TC) Joan Aitken’s revocation decision.

Upper Tribunal upholds 365 NI Group O-licence refusal

The Upper Tribunal has upheld the decision by the Transport Regulation Unit (TRU) to deny an O-licence to 356 NI Group on the grounds that the company had not met the financial standing requirement.

Drivers using mobile phones face tougher penalties

The RHA has applauded the government’s decision to apply much tougher penalties in equal measure to motorists and HGV drivers caught using their hand-held phones while driving.

DVSA sorry for dip in services during merger

The new head of the DVSA has apologised for a dip in the agency’s service level during the consolidation of Vosa and the DSA, which he described as “anything but a merger” . 

Disqualification for Callow directors

Four haulage directors “lacking commercial morality” have been disqualified for a total of 32 years for failing to maintain records that explained their firm’s financial transactions.

Coultons reapplies for O-licence

Coultons Bread, which trades as Happy Bread, has reapplied for an O-licence after appointing a new transport manager.